Jewellery Guarantee And Care

Our Jewellery Metals 
Here at Troppo Carino, we aim to give our customers everyday fine jewellery.
To ensure we stick to our aim we make certain that our jewellery is made with the most effective metals.
All our jewellery is either 14K/18k Gold Plated or 925 Sterling Silver Plated over Stainless Steel, Brass Or Alloy
Jewellery Care Instructions 
  • Apply hair products, perfumes, lotions and powders before putting on your jewellery.


  • Avoid exposing your jewellery to moisture.


  • Remove jewellery before swimming, showering, sunbathing or exercising. 


  • To prevent any breakage of the jewellery, please remove all jewellery before bedtime.


  • Although our jewellery pieces are hypo-allergenic to reduce possible tarnishing, store jewellery in a sealed bag or jewellery box in a dry, dark place.