Favourite Item Of The Butterfly Collection

Favourite Item Of The Butterfly Collection

If I'm being brutally honest, my favourite item of the Butterfly Collection is without a doubt the Silver Crystal Butterfly Ring 

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I know I shouldn't really have a favourite but I can't help it. One thing about me is that I adore rings! It's an easy go to when I'm completing an outfit and gives me a good feeling when I look down and have a hand full of 3 or 4 rings (and cute nails) 

The reason why I adore this ring in particular is that it is open cuff!

I was not blessed with skinny fingers so shopping for rings does get a bit tedious and having access to cute rings with my large ring size is quite rare and if I have some luck finding cute rings in my size, I'm limited to what fingers I can actually wear them on.

So having a beautiful ring like this that I can wear on any finger is just a dream!  

What's your favourite item in the Butterfly Collection?

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