Paramount Volume I

Paramount Volume I

Our new collection launching in May 2021 is called Paramount (parəmaʊnt).

The inspiration for this new collection came directly from the name,

Paramount is an adjective to describe something of 'The Most Importance' something 'Predominant' or the 'First and Foremost' of anything. This is a collection of your go to staple jewellery items that are of those predominant items in your jewellery collection, your favourite ring, that necklace that you never take off and goes with every look or those earrings that you usual wear.

This collection is aimed at those safe jewellery lovers that essential like to stick to their minimalistic yet affective jewellery looks but are also aimed at those daring jewellery lovers who love the chance to create new jewellery trends.

Paramount comes in different volumes, each volume has a range of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets and personals.

Paramount Volume I launches in May!

Stay Tuned 

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