Chronicles of The Shy Small Business Owner and Social Media

Chronicles of The Shy Small Business Owner and Social Media

Social media can be a really tricky thing to understand (well at least to me it is). Before starting my jewellery business I didn't really have a social media presence or any real understanding of social media.I never even had an instagram account before starting my business (if anyone asks me today if I have an instagram i'd still say no) 

But I'm saying all this to say that although it is super daunting I have to say a massive thanks to those social media gurus who are happy to share tips and tricks (for free) of ways to grow your business with social media, get noticed more and have more engagement with your followers. I would be a lot more lost than I am if they weren't around.

I had a really good conversation with a friend yesterday about instagram engagement (because I think this is one thing I'm struggling with). I have to laugh at myself sometimes, I'll make a post and just assume I'm going to get loads of engagement so quickly. I'll just be staring away at the screen patiently waiting for loads of comments.and notifications to appear.

Even though my thought process was totally unrealistic she reassured me that these things take time and I have to focus on being as consistent as possible and create a connection with my followers and those who are supporting my business.

It's a lot more common for someone to see your picture on instagram and save it and possibly give it a like than to ever comment. I guess I have to keep refreshing my mind and telling myself that I have to remember to be consistent with things I do well and not dwell on the things I'm not doing well or things that are limiting me. 

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